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I no longer work for ECS but I continue to develop the software which was on that site. It has reverted to being stored here for safe keeping. Shareware software is provided on the understanding that users who find it useful register the fact by sending Tortoisesoft Enterprises, that is me, the sum specified in the application's help file - or a fiver which ever is the larger. In a short time it will be possible to register online with a credit card and purchase two new products - SaveIt and PuzzleIt - direct from this site.

The request for a shareware contribution has no legal force but if it makes you feel better to pay up then you will get the rewards - probably.

Last updated 21st Oct2000

Tortils, a utility pack

RISC OS 3.1 or better.

ECSUtils is still available from the ECS site, but a much improved and updated product called !Tortils is now available from this site. It provides many of the facilities of the previous product in a more stable form and with many new additions.
This utility package is Shareware, which means I expect but ask you not to rip it off mercilessly and not even tell me you have downloaded it. I ask for a registration payment of Ten UKP, or higher if you really like it. I also ask that you don't pretend it is your work! It is the result of several year's of my life on and off and is still growing. The latest addition is an improved desktop picture taking mechanism. Previously a pinboard launching system was introduced which I have almost got round to documenting...Download it here. The StrongHelp manual is still in production, but there is a help file. Please consider Tortils to be a beta product as it is always being worked on. Send me your reports, bugs, comments, suggestions, registration payments and so on to the address in the application or use the online payment system which should be available shortly. I use Tortils all the time and find the machine feels dead without it. Tortils is now at version 2.4h. A stand alone cut-down prog which does most of the Screen Grabbing stuff available - called the 'DunSnapper' which is on this site with a large list of other shareware bits. The latest addition is window contents scrolling with a menu double click!

The applications provided on this site are under occasional review and new releases will be made available by email to all registered users - or more likely given away here for free :-(

Some applications near the end of the list will not be updated as they have been replaced by totally new versions (which are near the top). These applications are provided for fullness and as an historical reference - hopefully they are also rather useful - if not fun - or both.

Available Now

Tortils RISC OS utilty


Tortils has been through many changes, starting as a mode changer when it was called Moder, it passed through ECS-Utils which is still available but is now only updated as Tortils - a massive collection of desktop enhancements. Click here to read the !Help file.



A part hacked out of Tortils which takes snaps of windows with and without any of the three sides of furniture which a window may have. This facility has been further improved in Tortils.

Inkey display


Displays the inkey value of the last key pressed in real time.



Displays the current time and available free memory in the same window. As fully explained in my current Archimedes World Teach yourself Wimp Programming series.

Show Sys vars


10/3/99. Displays real-time value or setting of any system variable. This was to be fully described in Teach Yourself Wimp Programming in Archimedes World (RIP). It may become a book ;-)

Obey logger


10/3/99. Displays the current setting of the Obey$Dir system variable and creates a log file of it.



On-the-fly alteration of filer display settings, takes pictures, moves windows from front to back of the stack, opens a directory for notes - read its expanded help file -an early version of Tortils

Get things


Displays real time value of X and Y mouse co-ordinates, icon, window and task names and handles all on one line.

Set mouse


Changes the mouse step speed without needing to call up !Configure.

Set sclock


Displays the time, but also helps you set it more easily. Software OK until Sat 3rd Jun 2248 06:57:58 - the Acorn Millennium-Plus bug date.

Last error


Gives a lasting display of what went wrong with any participating application. Keeps a list of errors and the time they happened as a set of internal files - one for each session. Complete with demo errors. Add the supplied code to your BASIC code to make it keep track of internal events.



A better way to do the same thing, this time in a bigger window and makes up a trace file as well.



Requires the X-File module. This is only a front end.

Last error2


The best way to do it... NEW VERSION 10/3/99. Requires Justin Fletcher‘s RecError module. Gives a lasting display of what went wrong with any application that creates WIMP error boxes. (That's everything just about). Keeps a list of errors and the time they happened as a single internal log file. Each session individually indicated.


BaseConverter+ converts numbers between Decimal, Hex and Binary with one click. Runs through the numbers with jog buttons and even displays the SWI name if any for the current number. Very handy for programmers creating icon flags etc.

Pent icon


A non multitasking basic implementation of the Pentominoes puzzle. It provides a starter set of puzzles called Kidtoms on which to cut your teeth before wading in to the seemingly insoluble depths of Pentoms proper. This program is also available from ADPL.

pentoms screen


A My World2 set of screens for more graded Pentomino puzzles. An advanced version of this set of screens will soon be available from ECS under the name "ECS Maths Games". A sister set of screens, called "Maths Games" is available currently from SEMERC.

Small stickers


A My World2 set of screens which provides kids with the electronic version of lots of stick bits of coloured paper to use when making geometric (or other) shapes and pictures. Click here for a slightly larger view. Requires the My World 2 application from SEMERC


Converts Decimal to hex to binary and all points in between - nearly works very well with only a few bugs which have been sorted in the above version. This one is smaller and is perfectly good enough!


A quicker version of the part of !Configure which caters for CMOS settings. This one works on the fly and also creates named files for quickly switching setups.This is a highly dangerous program - use at your own risk. It's nothing to do with me.


A cut down version of !CmosSaver, it only does filer display settings. Much safer!


Reads the current Station number and Network numbers - gives an error if you have any!


You type a keyboard printable character, it shows you the ASCII value - well I needed it.

And now, the BIG stuff

I think you may want to go here too...

Quick note for PC / IBM / Windows users, none of the above programs will work for you.

These do though. Click here for links to massive files which are versions of Lady bay and NewSaver for the PC

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