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You have got this far so the system is working, good. The software here was all rather old but now that I have had to move my the new stuff  from my old Work site at ECS,cos they simply don't exist any more, there is lots to look at here. "New" here now means that some is kept up to date but some was done before September 97 - for example my very old BASIC rendition of Pentoms as available on the Archive CD rom. As it is there, why not put it here as well say I!  I have just added...well, just about everything I have ever written too. Its at the bottom.

Later on in this page is a bit of software designed for "learning fun" on the My World program from the good people of SEMERC. I am proud to present a set of screens, now no longer on sale, called PENTOMS. A (not much) newer version of this, and one other set of screens, was on the cover disc of the June 1996 issue of Archimedes World. A much newer version was never released as Maths Games 2  - but for a small sum you may have it from me directly....

Also available for downloading to My World 2 is a little thing called Stickers. This is just a page with shapes which can be picked up and stuck down, just like the real sticky things kids play with. There are four secret action icons, hidden in the left top and bottom corners of the page. Enjoy. Think of these offerings as an advert for my 12 other splendid screens which are still available from SEMERC.

PROGRAMS - well, My World2 support screens anyway



Click here to download the very old BASIC Pentoms as seen on the Achive CD ROM (200Kb archive)

PENTOMS is a version of Pentominoes, as seen in the national curriculum - designed to aid hand-eye co-ordination, shape recognition and manipulation. It also helps build the ability to think by presenting graded problems to the users, ranging from easy to well-hard. You will need a copy of !MyWorld2 from SEMERC to use this set of what are basically drawfiles in the intended fashion.

Click here to download the last but one MyWorld2 version of PENTOMS (62Kb archive)

The Pentoms package is held as a set of folders, each containing drawfiles. The whole package has been squashed with !SparkPlug but, if !Sparplug is running on your machine when you try to down load the file, it will split up in to lots of nested drawfiles and show it as an FTP site. So, download in the normal way, with sparkplug hidden, then unSpark it to see the directory structure and all the bits. Then load in to MyWorld in the ”normal way• (if you don‘t know what that is, then you don‘t know MyWorld and shouldn‘t have bothered down-loading PENTOMS in the first place)


!!My World of Stickers!!
This little thing is just for fun, young kids may like it, some of my students do. It may be improved in the future if people ask nicely.

Click here to download Stickers (56Kb archive)

Finally, have fun... PS, if you want a PC version of Pentoms for My World for Windoze, Semerc sell it.

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I proudly present:

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