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The Green shoots of economic recovery' indeed, Norman Lamont should know that there is nothing in the least bit green about the economy of this country!
At the moment or prosperity such that is it is based entirely on the backs of those least able to bear the weight. The third world and the poor in all parts of the globe, the people we see on the TV news stories starve to benefit us! We can no longer hide our heads in the sand. The inequity that lies at the very heart of our economy is the very cause of the scenes of starvation and horror across the world. The worst of it is the big buisneses and economic gurues know very well, all too well exactly how to squeeze the poor for all they can get. Where do you think our constant increase in wealth comes from? This planet is limited, it comes from them. The more we get the less they have. It is as simple and as disgusting as that. But you will rightly think we in the west are increasing or productivity to the point where we over produce food and pile it up in rotting mountains which we can't even give away. Our science gives us the power to create a garden of eden out of anything so why don't we? The answer is again very simple. There is no money in it!

This horror is done in our name. The benefits trickle down from a table overfilled by the lifes blood of people we call peasants. It does not have to be like this. Our great technology can be used to uphold our real wealth, we don't need growth, it does none of us any good anyway. Stability has to be won but there is no need for us to suffer at all! We have the technology but more than that we have the common sence. Just give people, you, that chance to do more than send money to the destiture countris of the world. Vote to give us the chance to stop taking everything else from them!

It is easy, it is painless, it is essential or we will all pay for it with the death of our ecosystem.