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I am very proud to say that as a school boy I managed a 4% mark in a multiple choice Economics exam. Zero would have been perfect. I knew that by randomly ticking a box I would score 33.3%, so 4% really showed my understanding of the subject. I have often wondered which 4 questions I accidentally got 'right'. My Economics master disagreed. He told me to read the newspapers and follow the news so that I could gain a proper understanding of the world and the way it works. He did not realise that my 4% showed that even then I had been doing just that for many years. What I had learned I did not like.

Green shoots 1991

The Green shoots of economic recovery' indeed, Norman Lamont should know that there is nothing in the least bit green about the economy of this country!

The Green leadership debate 1991


The current problems of finance and organisation within the Green Party stem not so much from any particular real inefficiency but from the simple fact that we are very much alone. Other parties can make thumping losses, drastic errors, disgusting proposals etc and get away with it just because it is traditionally expected of a politician. But, a Green politician, which is perhaps a contradiction in terms, has to be super human. Faultless, selfless, utterly open minded and fully informed. This is a very great burden to shoulder and yet the Greens in their many forms have raised public awareness from nothing to the point where the other parties and even the media are forced to take notice.

LETS help ourselves out of recession. 2006 !


It came to a head for me when I just couldn't manage to paper the wall properly. I can mend video machines easily but can't manage a simple bit of paper hanging. For a while I hoped that perhaps it would come right if I just took a bit more time over it, maybe then the result would be worth the effort, but after the first few weeks it struck me it was never going to be finished. During that time I fixed several videos, a couple of computers, made many meals, laid a carpet and even had time to build a window seat (and do a bit of teaching, for which I was paid a bit) but the walls remained stubbornly undecorated.

Open letter to Nottingham County Council. 2008

This open letter is sent in advance of the County's Planning & Licensing Committee meeting to respond to the expansion of the Eastcroft incinerator. I send this openly for simplicity and because this issue effects all of us equally. We equally have a responsibility for the future and to the people who have to live in it.

Sub prime problems - and opportunities 2007

We hear a lot these days about the American Sub Prime mortgage situation. Why should we in Nottingham care? It's a complex and long chain but each link in it is strong one. It could result in us losing not only our green open spaces but also lower the re-sale value of our own homes.