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The new look Anthony family website - ten years on from the first version.

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I have owned and run a web site of some description for over a decade and it is long past time that I update this one. That said - that is only my intention - not my action of the moment, so this site will stay mostly as it was until I can get the time to work on it.The cottageThe cottage again
My life has changed a great deal during the last ten years. I am now a father of two (well I have been for ages) and I am starting a new life - including the kids and their Mother - but not living with them, just near them. I and my soon-to-be wife Navid havea started the next stage of our lives by living together in Nottingham, initially in a stone 'cottage' next to the railway line which runs to Cambridge - where I have been working for the last three years. Every week I went past the building and wondered who lived in it, now I have the answer - it is us.

As I type I am in Sydney Australia, good women are hard to find, I decided not to spread my net wide so I aimed only for people living within two miles of Nottingham, but she still caught me ! 13,000 miles is a tad outside my intended range but who's counting now....

I will leave the rest of this site as it always was, as my past has not changed. Readers are advised however that some dates may no longer be accurate.