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The Lady Bay community electronic resource
The Lady Bay community electronic resource

The SRA resource center
The remains of a site I wrote for my last employer
now revamped to show adverts for my software A major site  for a firm of solicitors, still under construction Tuntum Housing Asscociation is a non-profit making social business formed to provide housing and support services for people on low incomes.  Site for major office supplies chain offering the Xerox Office portfolio. independent UK organisation, specialising in surveying and testing for asbestos materials in buildings. Under construction A Nottingham solicitor’s website The Volute client's sites page - design - various, coding is mine - contact for further info as this site is constantly changing.

Victoria centre Nottingham 2000A mirror of the major, award winning, shopping centre site as it was in 2000. Designed by client – coded by me using Image Ready etc.        A community web site under constant development - which has had far more hits than any of the professional sites.