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Introducing the SiWriter

This is the age of the app, a fact not lost on me but I like actual objects. One object, gizmo, call it what you will, that I loved was the AgendA microwriter. Sadly I wore mine out. The Cykey is now available, but I want something to run in my iPad. It has its own website and a Facebook page and is available as a free and as a paid for download. £0.99 lets you send emails with it, the free version is there just for you to have a taste before to plunge.

Well, what are you waiting for ?

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Other than for giving you a hint that something incredible has happened to typing, this site is both old and unused. It has historic aspects, I may add the old Lady Bay site here if anyone at all asks for it... We now live in Chiswick at least for now.

Update - as of 2015 - we are in Australia ! Sydney - Glebe to be exact.