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The Tortoisesoft Enterprises home page - dig for the good Acorn stuff

The Acorn Reborn !

To my utter delight and frankly total surprise, RiscOS is back ! It has never really gone away even with the death of Acorn itself brave sparks were kept glowing by many wonderful people. The only part I can claim to play in this resurgence is that I never took down my site. I shall now bring it fully back to life so that new users have something to play with. I shall also try and find my teach-your-self WIMP programming articles and re-post them. I will not put my major software back online until I have got it running again - I don't want to put anyone off ! Until then, the old site ( see the menu ) has the links just as I left them 10 or more years ago. The PC progs no longer work :-)